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Account Settings

Your Account Setting sections allows you to Upgrade and Downgrade Pages, including managing your Subscription Plans.

Account (personal information and subscription)

Your account section has your email, address and phone number.  This is also the area to manage your Subscription plans.  Make sure your contact information is always up to date to ensure we are able to communicate with you properly.


Subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly.  If you purchased a Yearly plan your account will have a CREDIT balance which includes the credit and discounts tied to the plan.  We decrement the account every month and once the account has an outstanding balance we then proceed to take payment via Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

Cancelling subscriptions: As much as we hate to see you cancel your subscription we can understand that there are many reasons why you could be cancelling.  Your account with TradableBits will remain however you can cancel your monthly subscription.  Any Basic Apps will still function as they did before with the exception of Powered by TradableBits and Banner Ads will be visible.  

Analytics and Results: Make sure to download and backup all your analytics and results prior to cancelling. 



This section allows you to Upgrade and Downgrade Pages.  Again keep in mind if you Downgrade a Page, all Interactive and Super Apps will stop working.  Also their Analytics and Results will be removed for those specific apps.



This section provides you the detail transaction of Invoices and Payments.  They are in PDF format for download.

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