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Emily Taylor -

Stream Status is your main analytics dashboard for your Stream.

You can access it at any time by clicking the green "Stats" button beside any of your Streams.

In the top section of Stream Status, you will find:

  • Your Stream Name (it redirects to your Stream if you click on it)
  • A time period selection tool

Select the time period you wish to review analytics for, and the following statistics will appear:

  • Authors: the number of individual users who have said something about your brand
  • Posts: the number of posts people have published about your brand
  • Views: the number of times people have viewed your Stream
  • Authors/posts by network: the amount of authors/posts from each social network (displayed in table and pie chart format)
  • Posts and views over time: the number of posts collected and views recorded for your Stream, throughout time
  • Top authors: these are your biggest fans; they are the people who have posted about your brand the most
  • Top hashtags: these are the most common hashtags associated with your brand


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