Username & Password Option to Login to the Manage Centre

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Now when you login to Tradable Bits, you will be given the option to Connect with Facebook or login with a username and password. This gives people using Tradable Bits more options in how they choose to connect with us, particularly for enterprise business accounts who don't want to use their Facebook account to start using the platform.

What this means for new users:

All new Tradable Bits registrations will be asked to create a new username and password for their account. If the login is linked to a Facebook account, then the user can later login with Facebook or username.

What this means for existing users:

As always, existing users can continue to login with their Facebook credentials. This can be done by clicking on the 'Connect with Facebook' button when on the login screen. For existing users connected only by Facebook who want to create a username/password: login with Facebook, go to Account Settings -> Profile tab, and create a username and password at the bottom (don't forget to ensure your email is correct and press 'Save Settings').


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